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We played the Opera House in Napa. Beautiful room, but light on the sound reinforcement. No problem for the VWB, we try our best to adjust to the environment.

Set 1 started out smooth and mysterious as usual. The audience is usually blown away by "A Woman's Strength". Mainly because Vic starts the show out on cello. Nonetheless, it was fun & funky. Vic was effortless on "My Life" (Wow!). We ended the set with Steve playing us into "Imagine This".

Set 2 started with JD's "2012?". We had Danette's (Victor's manager) daughter sit in on JD's kit. We all had fun! "I Saw God" also made the list tonight. (: Krystal sang awesome on "Overjoyed", then Vic played a beautiful solo. We ended the set with Bass Tribute & the VWB's version of "3 Views of a Secret"/"Liberty City". Awesome! We encored with our covers medley. 

The people were very into the show! Thank U all for a wonderful time. We appreciate it! 

Bless U...DWats

Oakland, thank U so much for all the love and support! Wednesday night was EPIC! That's all I have to say. My friend and one of my all time biggest influences, Joel Smith came out. It was great to see him and catch up. JD enjoyed seeing him as well! Michael 'Tiny' Lindsey (bad bass player) was in the house, too! 

Musically, Wow! We had a blast! Krystal 'sang' and Vic blew up the place (SHEESSH)! We also played a smoking/smooth/latin version of JD's "2012?". And we encored both sets with, ? TBC...

A very special thanks to the staff @ Yoshi's and the Waterfront Hotel for taking good care of us! To our wonderful crew...You're amazing! (: Last but not least, thanks to our special friend Eugene for coming to EVERY set that we've ever performed @ Yoshi's! We appreciate U Sir! (:

On to the Napa Valley in the morning but not before I hit the Buttercup Grill one moregin! (: Bless U all real good...DWats


Day 1 of our 2 night stint @ Yoshi's was awesome!  

The 1st show started with sweet versions of "A Woman's Strength" & "Brooklyn". Of course, "My Life" was killin with Vic. Steve Bailey then played a very musical solo into "Imagine This". Then Krystal sang a solid version of "When U Grow Up". Vic then played a smooth solo into "Amazing Grace" to end the night. We encored  with a touching rendition of "Heaven". The sold out crowd was thankful! (:

The 2nd set started with the same 2 songs but the band kicked up a notch! Next up was "I Saw God". Vic tore the roof off with his solo. Next was a lovely version of "Love Is My Favorite Word". Krystal pulled out the flute. She then sang a smoking version of "Overjoyed". After that, Vic & JD coasted easily yet funky through "What Did He Say?", "Me & My Bass Guitar" & "U Can't Hold No Groove". FUNKY! We ended the set with "Sword & Stone" and another smoking drum duet with JD & I was born. Now, are encore was so epic that I'm not going to talk about it! It's the first time it's been done ever on this tour that started last May! U need to see the show to experience it. I will not ruin it for U! (: Vic, JD, Krystal, Flex, Steve & Dave..GR8 job! 

Wednesday night should be fun, too! Bless U real good...DWats

Well, we made it to Chico early Monday morning..Amen! (: Again, it was a little inconvenient, but all's well that ends well! We got some rest and chill time this morning which was nice.

We played tonight @ the Sierra Nevada Music Room. We eased into it but had an awesome set. "Love is My Favorite Word" came out tonight. That was fun! There were also good versions of "2012?" & "Overjoyed" sang by Krystal. Vic played a killin' solo and he ended the night with "Amazing Grace/Hallelujah". The crowd loosened up & really started dancing on the encore which was our covers medley. We had fun! 

We spent some time with the nice and appreciative people, signing autographs and taking cameras (LOL, story behind that). We appreciate the love Chico! Yoshi's in Oakland coming up Tuesday & Wednesday. 

Bless U real good...DWats

We had a good night sleep @ the "Inn on 5th".  Fantastic hotel! I kept waking up. I was still excited that my son was in the world! (: I can't wait to hold him and kiss my Wife! It was a smooth ride to Portland. We arrived and the crew started their daily routine (they are awesome).

JD & I walked next door and had some amazing Pancakes. We both love them! We haven't been up this way in some years, so the sold out audeince was ready! We hit the stage a little after 8 and was off into a funky good time. Again, Vic was amazing on "My Life". We also pulled out "Gonna Get It Right" for the 1st time on this run. That's a fun song (check it out)! Krystal belted out "Overjoyed" and Vic performed an awesome solo that concluded with "Amazing Grace". We ended the night with a sweet version of "Heaven" and encored with our medley of covers. Afterwards, we spent some time with the wonderful people. My good friends Chris (& Wendy) Newbury and Derek Munson were there from the Washington Tri Cities. And, I also got to see Mr. Rob Carvery & his Wife! Rob is from Muskegon, MI went to MHS and studied with the great Tim Froncek (like me). Small world! It was great to spend some time and chat with them!

Now for the BIG fun: The bus broke down! We were supposed to travel on to Chico, CA. The mechanic was working on it for most of the day. No resolution. We are still here now (3:45PM PST!). All's well. A little inconveient, but we are alive and well. Still thankful. We could have been in the middle of nowhere or on a van with no fridge, bunks, TV, etc. This goes with it and I've been in worse situations! Stay tuned...

Bless U...DW1