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Wow! What a shame! Innocent people just trying to learn & teach. Of course this man had a mental problem. But excuse me, he had the capacity to think about killing his mother, driving to the school, getting the guns out, going into the school, shooting to kill and them reloading, etc. I'm having a hard time with his problem only being classified as 'Mental!' Come on now, Hello!? There has to be some evil mixed in with that. If U don't think so, I question your own sanity! And let's face it, a Mental Illness plus Evil will always equal a disaster! 

As we pray for peace, direction & gun control, let's not forget to teach, lead & guide our kids in the way that they should go! God is Love!



Hola from Mexico City, MX. I just heard about the serious tour bus accident involving my friend Marcus Miller and his band. Wow! Thank God they're okay! It's easy to forget that your Life can change in an instant. Everytime I step on a plane or tour bus, I always say a special prayer. And I always end by saying: "If there is any reason why I should not be here, please remove me or let the problem be resolved before I leave the ground, etc." 

 Touring is an awesome experience and I never take a day or show for granted! I treat every gig like it's my last. It's all a matter of being aware. Stay thankful wherever U are on this journey and always give thanks when U land, arrive, etc. Stay well and get well SOON Marcus Miller Band and Crew!

Remember, God is Love! Bless U..DW