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The 'Mile High City' was in full effect tonight! We had a funky good time here in Denver Sat. night. Bob Hemenger (Sax) & Michael Kott (Cello) sat in with us. Victor is a very generous person. A lot of artists don't allow folks to sit in on their set. Krystal pulled out her Flute tonight on our smooth version of 'Love Is My Favorite Word'. She's super talented! An awesome experimental version of "When U Grow Up' was born, we Chickified '2012?', and we closed the evening with a wild version of 'Sword and Stone'. I heard U JD! (: This was only night two of the run. Oh my! Thanks to our wonderful crew for making it possible for us to do what we do. They work hard! 

 Shout out to my wife and kids. I miss and love U very much! Bus call to Vail in a few. Thank God for traveling mercies! 

Bless U Real Good...DWats

What a great way to start this tour. Everyone fell right in! The groove was on and we were feeling good, thankful and blessed to play together again. I never take a night for granted! I play like it's my last. I cherish every groove, mistake, song, crowd reaction, etc. Kudos to Vic, JD, Steve, Ant, Dave, Krystal and our wonderful crew, Jack, James, MJ & Robert. When people gather together to experience Music, I feel that there is no greater feeling! Don't take it for granted good people. 

On to Denver, CO. Thank God for traveling mercies! Take Care and Bless U...DWats

Just finished our 1st soundcheck of the tour. A little long, but fun and funky. Its great to have JD back on the other side of the stage! Woo! We fell right back into that pocket! I hope U get to see this show!  Be back later. Bless U...DW 

Amen, we made it safely to Kansas City, MO. Looking forward to being back out here playing with Vic and the band. My plan is to keep a tour blog. Be safe wherever U are in the world! (:

Bless U...DWats

Happy New Year everyone! I need to Blog more! I will this year. Hope everyone is well and enjoying this New Year thus far. What are U planning to do differently this year!? More, soon. 

Bless U...DWats