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Eugene, a day I will never forget! We played @ the Shedd Institute. It started out a little rough.. I got news that a former Mona Shores High School band student (Geoff Powell) died! That was a shocker for our band community. RIP Geoff and I send my deepest thoughts, prayers and condolences to Mr & Mrs Powell, Sariah and the rest of his family and friends!

The night went great, but the highlight happenned before the show. My beautiful Wife (Katea) gave birth to our son, Derico Dreshaun Watson, Jr! Awesome! Amen! Thank God! (: He weighed in @ 6 lbs 8 oz. It was hard not being there, but I'm out to help support him! And my Wife and family were in full support. Of course I was in full effect on stage..LOL! (: 

Life is so precious! I'm glad he is here. My Wife was a trooper and I love her! She's what this show's opening song is all about.."A Woman's Strength". Remember: Life & Death is definite and it will never be 'convenient'.

Bless U all real good,


We had another good 2 set show @ the Triple Door. We have not been to this part of the country in a while, so the good people were eager. We were, too! (:

It was a great night filled with some awesome music. Tonight we played "Heaven" and "I Saw God". Both are songs that usually go over well. We have been having a blast this run! Everyone seems to be falling right into the pocket. I've been feeling good on stage! Lots of inspiration: Vic, JD, Krystal, Ant, Steve & Dave. I don't take a show or day for granted. Life is too short.

We're in Eugene, OR. for a day off now, then we play here tomorrow (Friday) night. Don't worry, I'm practicing my rudiments. I play on some kind of level everyday! (:

It's Valentine's Day! Love to my Wife & Kids. Be Blessed wherever U are in the world!


Boise was in the house tonight @ the Knitting Factory! Awesome venue. We haven't played here in nearly 8 years so it was good to be back! Krystal blew up the spot on "A Woman's Strength". After playing "Brooklyn", we went into "My Life". Vic tore the roof off tonight! OMG! We were all in it on that tune...Wooo! (: Steve played us into "Imagine This" and then we kicked into a stupid swangin' version of JD's "2012". Vic was silly on the upright bass.Next up was "Overjoyed" sang by Krystal. She was epic of course! Vic played a smooth solo, then JD and I joined him for a uplifting version of "Amazing Grace". We ended the night again with "Sword and Stone". JD and I had another killin' drum duet..FUN FUN! We did our cover medley for the encore and the crowd showed their appreciation! We then went out and said hello to the people. It's always great to talk with folks who genuinely appreciate what U do. I never take it for granted! (:God has been blessing me on this run. I'm thankful! Again, I hope U get to see this show! Thanks to our wonderful crew. We can't do it without U! Bus call to Seattle! Thank U God for your traveling mercies! Bless U real good...DWats

Tonight we hit @ The State Room. And boy, did we hit! We had a very energetic and appreciative audience. They were ready from beat one! 

Set one was funky! Vic was epic as usual on "My Life"! We ended the set with a Steve Bailey solo into "Imagine This". Set two started with a funky/jazzy version of JD's "2012?" Wooo...! Krystal Peterson took over and a rousing version of "Overjoyed" was experienced by all. Then a winner of a drawing was brought on stage for a special song. He chose "Me and My Bass Guitar" so Vic & JD went there funkily!  Vic then kicked us into "Love Is My Favorite Word" (he gave me some & I took it!) (: Fun and Funky! Vic then played a smooth version of "Amazing Grace". 

Now, we ended the night with one of Vic's latest masterpieces, "Sword & Stone". After silky smooth vocals from Krystal and a dynamite solo from Vic, JD and I went into an extended drum duet. OH MY! It was so fun and funky! JD even broke a stick. U would have to have been there. It was a blessing! JD and I are having a blast every night. I love our relationship for what it has been and what it is now! The encore was our cover of medleys and the audience loved it. 

I sure hope U get to experience this show. It's a blast! On to Boise! Thank U God for traveling mercies! 

Bless U real good...DWats

Tonight was simply Epic! We played @ the Vilar Performing Arts Center. Beautiful venue! From beat one, the band was in it and the audience was right there with us. We had Bob Hemenger (Sax) & Michael Kott (Cello) again. Set one was energetic and of course Vic wowed the audience with his sensational playing on "My Life". Steve Bailey (the birthday boy) played a nice solo and we ended the set with "Love Is My Favorite Word".  

The second set started with JD reminding us to cherish each other because life is short. It was received very well! We then kicked into a smooth yet funky version of "2012?" Next was an amazing version of "When U Grow Up".  Krystal was awesome as usual. However, the highlight was the amazing, touching and phenomenal playing of Michael Kott and Vic on cellos. WOW! The band went to a different place! I surely felt the presence of God...Amen! That song was indescribable! I thank God for showing up (Im getting chills just thinking about it again!) the audience was right there with us!

Vic played a great solo, then we ended the set with a very touching version of "Heaven". The audience shot to their feet in appreciation! The encore was a melody of covers, "The House That Jack Built", "I Want U Back", "Chameleon" & "Dance To The Music". What a night of fantastic music with a very appreciative audience! (:

We took some time out to greet the people, signing autographs, etc. This band is kicking on all cylinders! Don't miss this show if it comes close to your area! 

On to Salt Lake City for a show tomorrow night. Thank U God for traveling mercies!

Bless U..DWats