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Happy New Year folks! Just wanted to again thank you for stopping by to check in your boy. Christmas was great, and I spent bringing in the New Year playing with Sister Winans in London. That was cool, yet quick. One day to be exact, lol! Thankful for safe travels.

We're blessed people. My wife had a stroke about a month ago. Lost vision in her left eye. We went in for a check up today. They were amazed at her healing! The eye is coming back everyday! Thank you God for blessing her & hearing the prayers of the kingdom. So thankful & grateful! How are you? Let us know how we can pray with you. It's just Faith! 

All The Best,
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Hey Peeps!
Wow, we're counting down to the end of 2018! Seems like this year flew by. That's what happens when you get older, lol! I have so much to be thankful for. My wife & children are well, and I'm still making a living doing what I love. It's not easy & requires a lot of sacrifice from all of us. Lately, I've been working with Ms. CeCe Winans. She is a Gem! Pure spirit & voice. We're actually on our way to the UK for a New Years Eve performance in London. Should be fun! Looking forward to 2019. Some exciting things ahead! I appreciate your support & encouragement this year. All the best! 

Take Care and Be Blessed,
DWats, 1


I played last night @ Rudy's Jazzroom with Cliff Richmond & his band, The Cliffnotes. I met Cliff before I ever moved to Nashville. Regi Wooten was the first person to ever tell him about me. I've worked with him off & on since 2002. He's a good friend! When I was doing 'mighty bad' as a musician, Cliff was there to give me some work! I appreciate you sir! 

P.S. Regi's band played after us. I haven't seen him in a longgg while! "Band, so good!" Lol...

Be Blessed,

Thanks for logging on. I'm keeping my website. It's mine! Lol! 

Just wanted to say that I'm thankful for your support & grateful for God's blessings this year. We had a few setbacks, but things are working out for our good. I had a powerful MS flareup, and my wife had a serious heath scare, but we're improving daily! All the best & don't forget to give thanks! 

Peace & Blessings,
The Watsons 


L.A. is always wild, crazy & fast paced! We played @ the beautiful El Rey Theater on Wilshire. We pulled up early to the venue and a few of us had a chance to grab some breakfast @ IHOP. The weather was nice. When we returned, I noticed a homeless person across from our tour bus sleeping in a sleeping bag. That's always a wake up call for me. Everyone has a story! Count your blessings and always keep things in perspective! 

Okay, now for the real fun: JD had to pick up some gear from a local drumshop. We were told that the place was a mile or so up the street. We started walking and it got longer and longer! Finally, I pulled out my phone so I could GPS where we were, etc. From that location we were another 2 miles away! By this time, we had been walking for over an hour. we get to the shop @ 5:09PM to find them closed!! We were 9 mins late. So, we take a break and JD finds out that Sam Ash is a few blocks away. We begin this journey. Did I add that we're now 30 mins late for soundcheck? So now, the tour manager is calling and texting. We stop @ a Chick Fil A and they tell us that it's a few more blocks down the road. We wound up getting really close to the 'Hollywood' Sign, we passed "Catalina's" and got really close to the "Walk of Fame". We finally get there around 6:30PM, TIRED! JD gets what he needs and we cab it back to the venue where the band is looking @ us like, Really? LOL! We did a quick soundcheck and then the doors opened. People told us that they think we walked for about 7 MILES!  Woooooooo!

The show started @ 7PM. We had a good crowd that was eager to hear some music! We jumped in! Vic killed it on "My Life". My goodness! The crowd was looking like, "Seriously!?" Woo! "Gonna Get It Right" came out tonight and the talented & funky Divinity Roxx joined us onstage. She toured with us for years before leaving to join Beyonce's all female band. She did phenomenal and it was great to play with her again. Check her out! Krstal sang a beautiful version of "Overjoyed'. JD was silly funky and Krystal had an unbelievable experience on this song (that also went into "Hallelujah" & "Amazing Grace") tonight! Wow! Epic! We also played "Love Is My Favorite Word". We ended with "Bass Tribute/Jaco". The encore was our cover medley with Divinity Roxx joining us with a freestyle rap & a rock version of her song, "Rebel". OH MY!

Thank U L.A.! Teddy Campbell and his Wife almost came out as my guest. We had a blast! Thank U God for your traveling mercies! Next up, the final night in Tempe, AZ.

Bless U real good...DWats