We played the Opera House in Napa. Beautiful room, but light on the sound reinforcement. No problem for the VWB, we try our best to adjust to the environment.

Set 1 started out smooth and mysterious as usual. The audience is usually blown away by "A Woman's Strength". Mainly because Vic starts the show out on cello. Nonetheless, it was fun & funky. Vic was effortless on "My Life" (Wow!). We ended the set with Steve playing us into "Imagine This".

Set 2 started with JD's "2012?". We had Danette's (Victor's manager) daughter sit in on JD's kit. We all had fun! "I Saw God" also made the list tonight. (: Krystal sang awesome on "Overjoyed", then Vic played a beautiful solo. We ended the set with Bass Tribute & the VWB's version of "3 Views of a Secret"/"Liberty City". Awesome! We encored with our covers medley. 

The people were very into the show! Thank U all for a wonderful time. We appreciate it! 

Bless U...DWats