Oakland, thank U so much for all the love and support! Wednesday night was EPIC! That's all I have to say. My friend and one of my all time biggest influences, Joel Smith came out. It was great to see him and catch up. JD enjoyed seeing him as well! Michael 'Tiny' Lindsey (bad bass player) was in the house, too! 

Musically, Wow! We had a blast! Krystal 'sang' and Vic blew up the place (SHEESSH)! We also played a smoking/smooth/latin version of JD's "2012?". And we encored both sets with, ? TBC...

A very special thanks to the staff @ Yoshi's and the Waterfront Hotel for taking good care of us! To our wonderful crew...You're amazing! (: Last but not least, thanks to our special friend Eugene for coming to EVERY set that we've ever performed @ Yoshi's! We appreciate U Sir! (:

On to the Napa Valley in the morning but not before I hit the Buttercup Grill one moregin! (: Bless U all real good...DWats