Day 1 of our 2 night stint @ Yoshi's was awesome!  

The 1st show started with sweet versions of "A Woman's Strength" & "Brooklyn". Of course, "My Life" was killin with Vic. Steve Bailey then played a very musical solo into "Imagine This". Then Krystal sang a solid version of "When U Grow Up". Vic then played a smooth solo into "Amazing Grace" to end the night. We encored  with a touching rendition of "Heaven". The sold out crowd was thankful! (:

The 2nd set started with the same 2 songs but the band kicked up a notch! Next up was "I Saw God". Vic tore the roof off with his solo. Next was a lovely version of "Love Is My Favorite Word". Krystal pulled out the flute. She then sang a smoking version of "Overjoyed". After that, Vic & JD coasted easily yet funky through "What Did He Say?", "Me & My Bass Guitar" & "U Can't Hold No Groove". FUNKY! We ended the set with "Sword & Stone" and another smoking drum duet with JD & I was born. Now, are encore was so epic that I'm not going to talk about it! It's the first time it's been done ever on this tour that started last May! U need to see the show to experience it. I will not ruin it for U! (: Vic, JD, Krystal, Flex, Steve & Dave..GR8 job! 

Wednesday night should be fun, too! Bless U real good...DWats