Well, we made it to Chico early Monday morning..Amen! (: Again, it was a little inconvenient, but all's well that ends well! We got some rest and chill time this morning which was nice.

We played tonight @ the Sierra Nevada Music Room. We eased into it but had an awesome set. "Love is My Favorite Word" came out tonight. That was fun! There were also good versions of "2012?" & "Overjoyed" sang by Krystal. Vic played a killin' solo and he ended the night with "Amazing Grace/Hallelujah". The crowd loosened up & really started dancing on the encore which was our covers medley. We had fun! 

We spent some time with the nice and appreciative people, signing autographs and taking cameras (LOL, story behind that). We appreciate the love Chico! Yoshi's in Oakland coming up Tuesday & Wednesday. 

Bless U real good...DWats